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Can you Bring a Lighter on a Plane?

If you’re a smoker, you might be having your favorite brand of cigarettes and your favorite lighter that you love carrying everywhere with you. But when it comes to flying to another country passing the security check, you can easily assume that lighters will not be allowed on the plane as they come in the list of flammable items.

But it is not as simple as you think. TSA’s laws are pretty much straightforward but can also leave you in confusion. So, here we are to make it easy for you. Yes, you can bring a lighter on a plane but there are certain limitations to that. The first one is that you cannot smoke in the ongoing flight at any cost as it is very dangerous and can also land you in jail. Let’s get into details and find out what’s the whole deal about lighters.

What is ‘one lighter’ rule?

According to the current TSA rules, only cigarette one lighter per person is allowed. Lighter can be packed in both checked and carry-ons and you can even keep it in your pocket but with certain rules. If you’re packing the lighter in your carry-on, you cannot take it out at any cost and even when it is in your pocket, you cannot just simply just move it in your bag during the flight as these actions can seem like you’re trying to light a cigarette.

Lighter in Hand
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Well, there is an exception to the ‘one-lighter’ rule when it comes to the checked luggage. You can also carry up to 2 lighters in your checked luggage but under the right circumstances and according to the rules. The lighter should not have any fuel in them as it can cause a fire hazard and secondly, they should be packed the right way.

Types of Lighters that are Allowed

You’re allowed to carry one butane or basic disposal zippo-style lighter on your person or in your carry-on baggage during the flight. Other types of lighters such as arc lighters, plasma lighters, electronic lighters, e-lighters, gun lighters, and torch lighters are not permitted at any cost.

Blue flame lighters, jet lighters, and cigar lighters are also all forbidden as they can imitate firearms or weapons.

Another category of lighters that are completely against the rules to have in your carry-on or on your person is chef torches, utility torches, and micro torches as well as their fuel.

Same is with the checked luggage, you can carry two empty butane or zippo-style lighter but all other kinds of lighter are against the laws. As it’s better to keep them away from yourself to avoid issues with the security agents.

The Right Way to Pack a Lighter

Another important part of carrying a lighter on a plane is its packaging. You can travel with only one lighter in on carry-ons or in person and that doesn’t require any special packaging but there’s one condition that you cannot take out the lighter out of your pocket or carry on at any cost during the flight.

In the case of checked luggage, you can carry up to two empty lighters but they should be packed in DOT(The U.S Department of Transportation) approved lighter case. There are also some incredible manufacturers of lighters such as Colibri, Zippo, and Prometheus that have all secured special permits with the DOT for their own travel cases and the best part is that you can easily find them on Amazon or some specialty stores.

Are Refills and Fuels Allowed? 

You cannot travel with any kind of refills or fuels at any cost in a plane. They come under the prohibited list of inflammable and thus should be fully avoided. Even if you pack them in the airtight DOT approved plastic containers, the security agents will confiscate it and you’ll also have to go through an interrogation.

There are only two ways to deal with this, one that your lighter that you’ll carry in your carry-on is full of fuel and another one is that you can buy extra lighter fluid from any shop when you’ll get down at your destination. Other than this there is no way you can be allowed to carry extra refill or fuel with you in your checked luggage or carry-on.

Are Matches Allowed?

Yes, matches are also allowed in a plane but again with a lot of limitations. You cannot carry any kind of matches in the checked luggage even in the DOT approved bags as they threaten a fire hazard.

You can carry just one pack of safety matches in your carry-on, more than one and they will be confiscated by the security agents. The same lighter rule applies here that you cannot take out the matches at any time during the journey.

Only safety matches are allowed in the plane, all other types of matches such as strike-anywhere matches are not allowed to travel with.

Are Cigarettes Allowed?

Yes, Cigarettes are easily allowed in your checked as well as carry-ons. They should be packed in hard-shell boxes to prevent them from crushing. If you’re a heavy smoker and can’t live without cigarettes even for an hour, the plane ride can be a pain for you.

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 You can take the last puff of your cigarette before the flight in the special rooms in the airports itself that are designed for smoking only but you’re not allowed to light a cigarette once you’re on the plane as it can cause serious issues. If you still can’t resist your urge to smoke, you can try nicotine patches, nicotine gums or hard candies to help you with.

There is a strong rule in customs about the number of cigarettes that you can carry but it varies from country to country. You’ve to be well aware of the customs laws of the country you’re traveling in to avoid any hassles at the security checkpoint.

You’re also allowed to carry pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco and cigars on a plane. Just make sure you’re packing everything according to the laws.

Are Cigars Allowed? 

Yes, cigars are also allowed and you can also pack them in both checked luggage and carry on but again it is suggested to pack them in carrying-on as the changes in pressure and temperature that occurs in the aircraft can make your cigars packed go ‘kind of stale’ in the checked luggage. Again they should also be packed in a hard case to avoid crushing.

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In the case of Cigars also you’ve to very careful with the customs while traveling with cigars. Every country has a different limitation on the number of cigars that you can bring there or take from there. It is always suggested to read about the customs of the country you’re traveling in or traveling from yo avoid all the last – minute issues at the security check. For example, if you’re traveling to the US, you’ve to be very careful with the quantity of Cuban cigars.

Cigars cutters are totally our of the game here as they are basically knives. You can only pack those in checked luggage that too with great precautions so that it would not cut through the luggage and hurt any luggage holder. The security agents will confiscate it if you’ll bring them in your carry-on.

Can we bring other Flammable Items on a plane?

Pretty much any flammable item is dangerous on a plane. Flammable gels, gases or liquids can easily ignite and can thus create a lot of havoc in the plane. These kinds of flammable items will get confiscated at the checkpoint and if you’ll try to get them inside with the luggage, it can put you in serious issues.

Replicas of these items even toys like these are not allowed to pass the security. You cannot carry these in your checked luggage as well as carry-ons. Normal Wax candles are allowed to be carried in both carry-on or checked luggage but on the other hand, gel candles can only be packed in checked luggage and not in the carry-on.

The flammable items that are prohibited by the TSA are:

  • Any Fuel such as gasoline or propane
  • Flammable paints or spray paints
  • Hand grenades or dynamites
  • Recreational oxygen
  • Fireworks, firecrackers, and sparklers
  • Tear gas
  • Turpentine or paint thinner
  • Liquid bleach
  • Fire extinguishers and other compressed gas cylinders

if you’ve more queries related to the TSA laws, do let us know in the comments section below.


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